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ICO Toolkit User Guide

Personal Cabinet

All ICO Development Kit features are awailable from the Personal Cabinet. In the left-hand menu, select ICO Toolkit item. You will be asked to log in:

Enter login (e.mail) and password (should be strong enough, 8 characters min, Upper and Lower case, and numbers) and click "New Account".

On the following picture you see a cabinet with one campaign already in it. You can have more than one campaign in your workspace, to add a campaign, click "Add Campaign" at the bottom of the page and fill the campaign details.

As for a campaign we see on a screen shot: its id is 23, its name is Leda, it will last from Jan 05, 2018 till Jan 06, 2019.

The balance of a campaign is 1 ether (which is A LOT, you will never need that much).

Approval is an important flag, specifying if you need to "whitelist" your participants or not. Note, that by participants we mean people that help you during your bounty campaign (for example, placing your signature in their posts). It has nothing to do with whitelisting of people buying your tokens.

Published. When someone (not you, so he is not logged into your account) clicks "List of ICOs" in the left-hand menu, he only sees "published" campaigns. So this flag is for you to hide your campaign from visitors, until it is ready.

Finally, a Select check box is used to mark your campaign. Select it and click "Delete Selected" - and it will be gone.

Campaign Details

Click "Select" button for a campaign you want to work with.

In addition to fields you have already seen in Cabinet, there are new ones:

Campaign Address: as our services are not free, you need to deposit some ether to get access to its features. There are different ways to track payments, our toolkit uses an address provided by a client. Anything that comes from that address is guaranteed to be yours.

Campaign Name: this is "just the name", used to display info to the user. As "Leda" is not what we need, let's change the name of a campaign. I am going to click the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page and type "ICO Dev. Toolkit" as a new name. Then I click "Save" to save changes: from now on, the name of a campaign is "ICO Dev. Toolkit".

Campaign Web Site: in a "Cabinet", clicking at a campaign name takes you to a URL entered in Campaign Details form. Also, when a visitor clicks at a campaign name in "List of ICOs" page, the link is user to take him to your page.

Start and End Dates: in addition to simply informing your customers, these dates are used to hide your campaign if it passed the end date.

Published. A campaign is only visible to customers in "List of ICOs", if you "publish" it.

Approval: specifies if people that have registered for bounty campaign have to pe approved. If you check this field, an additional information has to be entered: a link to your campaign's KYC (Know Your Customer) info. Currently we do not support KYC, which means that you have to create one of your own and process people that have registered.

Adding support for KYC to our Toolkit is in our to do list.

Campaign Description: will be displayed at "List of ICOs" page to help your potential customers.

Campaign Details: Signatures

Our Toolkit includes a Signature Scanner tool. It works as follows: you list signatures your "participants" can use and rewards you assign for using them. A participant uses the signature and depending on the number of posts and participant;'s rank on Bitcointalk, bonus points are assigned.

Click on the "Signatures for" title to expand it. You see a form that you can use to enter signatures.

Note that Signature Scanner performs an EXACT match, so your participants have to use copy-paste, with no editing whatsoever.

Campaign Details: Statistics: Signatures

As Signature Scanner performs its daily scans, statistics is being collected. Click this tab to expand a table with daily statistics.

Campaign Details: Participants

Participants for Signature Campaign is a list of people that have registered to participate in your Bounty campaign.

Member Id: an id on Bitcointalk forum. In addition to a user name that is usually displayed for every one to see, Bitcointalk uses a unique id of a forum member.

Ethereum address: an address that you will use to send rewards to. Note that our Toolkit has features implemented or planned to make assignment easier for you.

Points: number of points a participant has. Assigned by Signature Scanner, based on number of posts found and "weight" of a signature (see the screenshot of a signatures above).

Approved: As our sample campaign does not require approval, all participants are approved by default. Nevertheless, you can disapprove any one by removing the corresponding check mark; for example, you can do it is posts of that person are inappropriate.

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