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Bounty Campaign Participant's Guide

List of ICOs

All ICOs registered in our system and made "public" by their owners are listed in this list. To see it, navigate to List of ICOs using "ICO Toolkit" section of the left hand menu.

Let's take a look at the columns of the table:

Name: name of a campaign and (when clicked) a URL provided by people running that campaign.

Start/End Dates: Dates when Campaign officially begins and ends. Note that you do not have to wait for a campaign to begin in order to register for it: it is a CAMPAIGN's dates, not dates of an associated bounty campaign..

Description: Usually, contains a summary of what the campaign is about, to see more, click the campaign name.

Approval is an important flag, specifying if you need to be "whitelisted" by an owner of a campaign. Some campaigns collect user information (so called KYC, "Know Your Customer"), some check to make sure you are from a particular country and so on. Some don't.

List of ICOs: Participate

Click "Participate" if you want to take part in a bounty campaign of this particular ICO.

As you can see, for a campaign that does not require approval, all you need to provide is your Bitcointalk Id and an address to send reward tokens to.

If a campaign does insist on approval, you have to follow an additional link, fill a KYC form on a campaign's site and wait for an approval.

List of ICOs: Signatures for

Click on the "Signatures for" title to expand it. You see a list of signatures for different Bitcointalk user ranks. Each signature has a weight, which is a multiplier. For example, if a weight for a Newbie member is 1 and weight for a Legend member is 7, the Legend will earn 7 times larger bonus for one post than a Newbie.

Note that Signature Scanner performs an EXACT match, so when adding signature to your bitcointalk profile, you have to use copy-paste, with no editing whatsoever.

List of ICOs: Statistics: Signatures

As Signature Scanner performs its daily scans, statistics is being collected. Click this tab to expand a table with daily statistics. It is not clear if this information is important, as choosing an active campaign means both higher chances for success and more people to share the reward with.

List of ICOs: Participants

Participants for Signature Campaign is a list of people that have registered to participate in current Bounty campaign.

Member Id: an id on Bitcointalk forum. In addition to a user name that is usually displayed for every one to see, Bitcointalk uses a unique id of a forum member.

Ethereum address: an address that will be used to receive rewards. It is not clear if a final version will display addresses or not: we are going to use clients' feedback.

Points: number of points a participant has. Assigned by Signature Scanner, based on number of posts found and "weight" of a signature (see the screenshot of a signatures above).

Approved: As our sample campaign does not require approval, all participants are approved by default. If an approval is required, use this field to find out if you were approved or not.

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