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ICO Dev. Kit: News and Announcements

Jan 20, 2018

Pre-ICO Scheduled

ShareHolder project is scheduled for Pre-ICO this January! Don't miss the opportunity of your life time!

What is pre-ICO?

A "lame" stage of an ICO, with signifficant discount, to compensate for the fact that a particular data when ICO begins and ends is not announced yet.

Jan 15, 2018

ICO Generator is now a Beta version

Our ICO Generator is now an official Beta. The code compiles and runs under Solidity and we are about to announce a bounty for bugs found in code.

Jan 10, 2018

Alpha version of Signature Scanner (for Bitcointalk) is released

A final version of a Signature Scanner is scheduled for release right before the pre-ICO.

What is Signature Scanner?

Many ICO Campaigns offer their tokens as a reward for posts on having signatures advertizing that ICO. Counting those posts and assigning reward to participants is a task that should be automated, so we did it.

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