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ICO Bounty Campaign

As we run an ICO on an ICO Development Toolkit, we have no other choice but to add new services as they are being created. For example, if we already have a Bitcointalk Signature Scanner, we can run a bounty campaign using it, but in the same time we can not run a Facebook bounty campaign, as that tool is still under development.

As soon as a new tool is created, we'll add a bounty for it.

Tokens, Shares and Points

We are going to offer "points" as a reward to participants of our Bounty Campaign. Points are fractions of a real reward, to get one Token / Share one has to collect 10 points.

You should be already familiar with the concept of Tokens, as they are used in most of ICO campaigns. We will allocate up to 10% of all Tokens as a reward for Bounty Campaign. "up to" means that Tokens not used will be returned to a common pool.

Shares are our know how: our contracts are going to send fraction of their profits to a ShareHolder contract. ShareHolder contract holds shares and every time funds are transfered to it, price of a share will go up. A formula is simple:

price = (total money on a contract / total num. of shares) - trade commission	

Note that a share holder can sell his shares at any time: shares return in the common pool and become available for sale (at current price, which is calculated according to the formula).

We will allocate up to 10% of all Shares as a reward for Bounty Campaign. "up to" means that Tokens not used will be returned to a common pool.

Registering for Bounty Campaign

As we run our ICO campaign using our own tools, you can find our campaign's entry point in a list of all registered camaigns. The name of our campaign is "ICO Dev. Toolkit", and (just in case) an Id is 23.

Click on a "Participate" button and enter your information in the form.

Bug Reporting Bounty

You will receive 1 point for non-critical bugs (ex: text overlaps on a site), 10 points for a critical site bug (ex: JavaScript error on site) and 100 points for errors in contracts.

Please note, that bugs that allow hacking attacks should be reported to SnowCron Bitcointalk used via forum's private messages, to avoid zero day attacks. The rest should be reported in a Bitcoin forum branch.

Bitcointalk Signature Bounty

Points are assigned depending on the rank of a Bitcointalk member. For a single signature, reward is:
Newbie: 0 (nothing)
Jr. Member: 1
Member: 2
Full Member: 3
Sr. Member: 4
Hero Member: 5
Legendary: 6

Signature Scanner, being automatic, still allows manual correction of bonuses; it means that we are going to monitor posts it found for us, and to withdraw points assigned for inappropriate messaged.

Facebook, Telegram, Twitter etc. Bounty

Will be added as soon as a corresponding tool is up and running. Remember, we want to run this campaign using our own toolkit :)

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