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As we keep adding new tools to our Ethereun ICO Developers Kit, it becomes more attractive for investors. Even now, far from being complete, it is of value... which can be used to attract funds and to speed up the development.

An interesting thing to try however, would be to run our ICO using our tools ONLY. Can our crowd sale run on a contract, that was produced by

  • ICO Generator? Can we control our bounty campaign using our tools, like Signature Scanner, without the need to pay extras to bounty campaign manager?

    The answer is "yes, but". On one side, we can, why not. On the other hand, we are developing tools, which means some of them are not ready. And when they are going to be ready, we will not require any funds to develop them.

    So we have chosen a compromice. Our ICO campaign will start as soon as basic tools are ready, and will use more tools as they become awailable. Below we explain how.

    What is in it for investors?

    Before we go into steps, tools and time line, we need to answer the most important question: "what is in it for investors?" In the "real world" crowd funding campaigns, there are laws and regulations that make investment... well, it is not 100% safe, of course. But it gives you at least some promices. Unlike in block chain, where such regulations simply do not exist.

    First of all, most ICOs do not answer a simple question: "what value do they have behind their tokens?" Will they buy them back at a fixed price? Mostly, they wouldn't. Will they pay dividends to token owners? No, there is no way for them to do it properly, and no obligation to do it, too.

    This is a very important point: no mater how nice the "white paper" of a campaign is, a token, once issued, has NOTHING to do with a company. It can be traded at a market price, on online token exchanges, but: no dividends, no promices, no voting right in a company...

    It is a token, it is not a share.

    Until now. Our Share Holder contract allows to create a link between company's earnings and dividends paid. If a company does business in a block chain (we do) and if its contract is linked to Share Holder contract (ours do), then a specified fraction of all future profits is assigned to share holders. It is written in an Ethereum contract, it is in a block chain for every one to see, and we can not change it after the contract was deployed.

    To use this technology to our advantage, we have added Share Holder as an optional feature to our

  • ICO Generator. And of course, when generating our own crowdsale contract, we used it: tokens you buy during our crowd sale are accompanied with ShareHolder's shares. Then, when crowdsale is over, tokens will be traded on online exchanges at a market price (which means that we have nothing to do with them anymore), but shares... Shares are different. For details, please read the Share Holder Tutorial; to put it briefly: they can ONLY INCREASE in price, and a pre-defined part of any profit we get will be sent there and become available to share holders.

    Tools we are going to create

    Creating an ICO Campaign is still to some extend an art, however it seems that a natural selection and laws of free market work well in this case: campaigns that do things wrong fail, and more campaigns follow a path that is known to be successful.

    White Paper, Announce and other documents that contain very little information but cause a hypnotic effect on people. We are not going to automate this part, as to do it all one need to know is marketing dialect of English and Web designers familiar with Bootstrap one-pagers are ten cents a dozen.

    ICO token and Crowd Sale Contracts. Available via our

  • ICO Generator tool. The tool can be used to create a customized contract, all that remains is to deploy it. Deployment, by the way, is described in a tutorial.

    Bounty Campaign: Bitcointalk signatures, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter. We are going to provide tools replacing a human Bounty Campaign Manager. See for example, our Signature Scanner.

    Statistics. The fee we take for our contracts is very small, but they are not free. One of Frequently Asked Questions is: why would customers pay? Contracts are awailable (and their code is visible) on etherscan, so any one can copy them and use. Two reasons why it is a bad idea.

    First, contracts are not in a free domain, and the more successful "thief's" business is, the higher are chances he'll face legal charges. For $3 that we currently charge per month, think about it.

    And the second reason: we are going to provide web sites, running statistics, charts and other nice things clients' busibess would benefit from. If some one copies our contracts, he'll have to run such sites himself.

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