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Duke of Ether

Somewhere in the endless Ethereum space there is a Throne that is waiting for you.

In order to take the throne and to become a Duke, you have to pay - but do not worry, the money will be returned to you, with some additional bonus. Or not.

See, every next Duke of the Ether Throne pays more than a previous one, and the moment the Throne is taken, the previous Duke gets those money. Think of the golden parashute.

Example: a current Duke (you) paid 1 Ether for the throne. Then an usurper came. He paid more (say, 30% more). And that's it: you are not a Duke anymore, and an impostor sits on the throne! Bad news? Not quite...

See, as he paid 1.3 Ether, you get back 30% more than you paid! Also, which is even more important, your name is written in the list of Dukes, and it will stay there for as long as the Ethereum itself exists!

Share Holder

ShareHolder contract works as a cumulative account: you send money to it, it distributes that profit among share holders. Shares therefore accumulate profit, so price of a share can only go up. Cumulative.

If your business if 100% in a block chain, you can even attach your profit-bringing contract to ShareHolder contract, so your clients can be sure: whatever profit your contract gets, it will distribute it to share holders (cheating made impossible).

There are many possible use cases for this functionality.

First, you can sell shares to clients and divert certain percent of your busines' profit into it. It looks like someone gives away the profit of a company. For free. However, it is not quite so: a shareholder gets as much profit as an attached contract brings. Therefore, we expect a share holder to actively bring new people into our business; in other words, we pay our share holders for an advertizing campaign.

Second. It is possible to reward developers team with shares of your company. Unlike ICO tokens, shares are not subject to market price fluctuation nor they require an exchange: a ShareHolder contract will buy shares back if someone is willing to sell them.

Third, shares can be used instead of (or together with) ICO tokens, you will find details in the ShareHolder Tutorial and the ICO Generator Guide.

Share Holder Factory

Deploying a contract is more than a bit annoyong. And there are situations when you need to deploy few in a short period of time. Say, you are a musitian, and you want to sell shares representing your song. One song - one contract... A lot of work that is routine and can be automated.

This is what Share Holder Factory does: it deploys contracts for you. Just set the required parameters (song name, number of shares to issue and so on) and click "deploy" on our Web site. The contract that is created is yours, meaning that your address is set as the owner's one, so from the moment it is created we have no control over it: only you do.

ICO Generator

A simple online generator of ICO contracts. The project is currently part of Our ICO, we have a Bounty Program rewarding people for bugs discovered and suggestions made.

In two words, the ICO Generator provides a visual interface, allowing the user to select features for a campaign. The code changes as features are selected/altered, and al that is left is to copy a resulting code and deploy it.

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